Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Snare Day

I decided to build a net snare. I once caught the very last cat of 200 plus cats roaming a warehouse using a net snare. I triggered it manually, not with any stick trigger, so I would catch no one but Moby Jane, my obsession, the last cat standing, in a monumental endeavor to seek out, fix, then differentiate unfixed from fixed in a population occupying several warehouse of over 200 cats.

Moby Jane eluded capture. I became obsessed with catching her, dreaming up snares when I should have been sleeping, leaping from bed to sketch snare ideas on tablets in a frenzy when they came to me.

After I nabbed her, life was quite dull for some time.

Now I have a new obsession to keep my blood warm and my brain alive.

Today I pulled out old pieces of pvc, that were once part of a fence that used to totter out back before falling. I'd bought some fish netting from a party store.

It was cheap but will it hold, with a cat struggling in it? Don't know.

Guess I'll find out.

I cut them in three different lengths. I used the hack saw I got at the dollar store until both blades broke, which was rather quick, come to think of it. I then had to hold a broken blade to saw through the pvc to length.

The cats stared. Sage tried to take off with my new party net, fresh out of the bag, but I caught her.

I assembled the pvc pieces using tri corner connectors I had bought to use to repair broken pipes.

They fit!

After that, I laid out the net around the frame and began sewing it together with Dollar Store coated laundry line. After that, my bus driver friend stopped by and I became distracted. Then my neighbor stopped by and I was further distracted.

After that, I forgot all about finishing my snare, but it's all in my head, the big plan, that might work, could work. I have three more plans to implement after that. Heck, I think I'll implement them all, except I'll have to get more bags of beach party decor net. I bet it holds for my purposes.

Then I'm tying cat lures, with feathers.

Well, soon enough I'll do that.

I do not intend to bait this snare with food. I'll just get raccoons that way. Big raccoons. I intend to exploit kitty curiosity to catch my nemesis--Little Black. After that, I'll catch Nemesis Two--Fat Fluffy. Then I'll be done.

So, besides planning out the latest snare of three, I actually had a visitor today, which is extremely rare, I could say. So that was something.

I also tried to think of people to call on my net10 cell, which has only two service days left and about 300 minutes. Minutes don't carry over. I hate to waste anything.

I bought a $25 one month 750 minutes card. I don't call that many people. Next time, I'll go with the cheaper 500 minute card. Or even the 350 minute card.

I didn't have a big day. I searched online about how to fix the car wiper problem. My latest car problem is that both the intermittent wiper function and the auto complete function quit working. This means when it rains I have to time the turn off of the wiper blades perfectly or they stop somewhere in the middle of the windshield.

I learned online it is likely a relay on some little box circuit inside the dash. I learned online if you know how to remove a relay from a circuit board and attach a new one, and can get the new one somewhere, then you can fix that problem without being charged the massive buck price from a dealer for that part. I learned I would also need to know how to test relays by shorting them out to find the correct relay, the one that is not working.

Sounds complicated and fun and possibly disastrous as a DIY by me. I'll read more about it.

I believe I also looked up other repair how to's, but I can't recall right off. That was my big day. There you have it and you have heard it all.

I am very happy not to have been visiting Joplin during that horrible tornado.

My heart goes out to those people.

Did any of you see the video, taken after a previous tornado, where an older woman was being interviewed at her destroyed house about how she survived. A wall had fallen on her and her three cats. One had disappeared not to be seen again, but as she was being interviewed, the lost cat wandered up behind her. I lost it watching that.

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