Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Albany Cats Fixed Today

Two boys, one adult and one kitten, plus a stray a neighbor fed, were fixed today. The stray, who was just starving, was taken pity on by a nearby neighbor, who wants to find her a home. However, the news from the vet is that she is at end stage lactation, maybe has just weaned kittens. Now comes the dilemma of what to do. She can't have a home, the neighbor says, due to the state of her starvation and I agree. But what happened to her kittens?Above is the white female fixed today that a neighbor has been caring for.

The little orange tabby polydactyl male kitten won over the hearts of staff at the clinic, who adored him. He is from an Albany complex. I got his mother and three other household females fixed a few weeks ago, plus a bunch of free roaming males there.

The big buff tux male had been dumped off at a house by a relative of the occupants who is into drugs. A neighbor arranged for his neuter.

I also spotted two more males as I left the area, after delivering the big boy back home, near a place where I got a bunch fixed before. So I stopped in at that house and made arrangements to possibly get in the little guy. But the big male unfixed Siamese may be more difficult to catch.

I was also called by a woman who has a mother cat who had 8 kittens. That's right, 8!!! I told her to try KATA, on taking in the kittens. The three unfixed adults, including mom, will be fixed next Tuesday.

Here is Mr. Wonderful, Valentino. Valentino has begun drooling infection again. The antibiotic shot wore off and apparently two weeks was not enough. I have him now on oral antibiotics and he goes back in Tuesday to the vet.Miss Daisy, the little cherub, sleeping!
The sly and conniving Sage, who is too smart for her own good, makes a game of waiting at the cat door to ambush the unwary soul emerging.
This time it's Sam.Haley, one of the Albany business cats, rushes out of hiding to meet Sage, who is four times her size. The business cats grew up with cats as family and know no cat enemies.

Haley is courageous and a defender of the others. She will come out all hiss and spit and fluffed out, in defiance of all danger, to defend the younger cats. You can tell she's had to defend herself before from humans and defend other cats from humans. She's something else. Just makes you want to hug her, tell her its ok now.

She has the most personality, along with Sassy, of all the business cats. She is extraordinary. Cougie too is coming out of her shell. They're relaxing. The catnip helps!

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