Friday, May 27, 2011

What's With All the Corvallis Murderers?

There have been three murders in the last months committed by Corvallis residents. What is up with that trend?

The first was bizarre, to say the least.

A Corvallis man was chased down by police in northern California after he slashed the throats of a couple living in N. California and growing pot there. He'd known them in Corvallis and when all three lived just outside Corvallis in Summit. He had also slashed the throat of the couple's neighbors. Someone from Corvallis called the sheriff of that county, suggesting they check up on the couple. I guess that call likely came from a family member of the couple or from someone who had heard from the Corvallis man accused of killing them.

Because it is a remote area, the deputy asked a neighbor to check on them. That's when the Corvallis man allegedly slashed her throat, although she survived. Her husband came over and he was attacked but wrestled the knife from the man who then took off on the rural roads in his Volvo. He was later engaged in a high speed chase and died in a crash. Just recently, an autopsy of his body revealed he was not on drugs when he committed this terrible crime.

The next murder involved an OSU student from Peru. He had lived in Philomath, which is on the edge of Corvallis as a high school exchange student. He then came back from Peru on a student visa to go to OSU, in Corvallis. He and a Philomath woman he met in high school were boyfriend/girlfriend and had a baby together. However, he didn't take it well, when they split up.

The couple they lived with had no idea what had happened when they texted him saying dinner was ready. He had gotten cold medicine and drugged his girlfriend and baby. When she was asleep, he slashed her throat. He tried to kill his baby by putting duct tape over his mouth. When the baby tried to pull it off as he suffocated, he put more on. The guy then slashed his own wrists but survived.

The latest murder was very recent. A body was found in a sleeping bag down off I5 outside of Brownsville. He had been bludgeoned to death. Turns out he was the roommate of three illegal immigrants and all four lived in S. Corvallis. All three were arrested today, two on charges of murder and the third on charges of impeding prosecution. All three are on ICE holds and one has extensive warrants out on him for violent crimes in the Salem area including domestic assault.

Lovely. The man killed was the only one of the four in the country legally. How so? Not sure. Maybe a work visa. He is a native of S. America.

That's four murderers living in and around Corvallis. One is now dead. And the other three, none American citizens, are in jail. A lot of money will be spent on trials and then on housing them for life. Millions of dollars probably.

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