Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Joy's Hell

The farm, where Joy, in Nebraska, has fed cats and got most fixed, was not her farm. The people who owned the farm never got the cats fixed or fed them. But the woman told Joy today, that she needs to do whatever she's got to do there by June 1, because she sold the farm.

This is terrible news for Joy and perhaps for the cats there, now all fixed but one female who had kittens. One of the three kittens has died. Joy had ahold of one of the other ones, she hoped, when she called me just now, needing advice on how to care for a kitten, barely three or four weeks old, and on whether to put this one in a carrier behind a trap. I told her not if the mom has another out there.

So I guess the carrier door had fallen off. She was going to run back over there, to see if the kitten was still in it anyhow. I hope the kitten is.

I feel for Joy. I wish I was there to help her. Now her life is in a turmoil of worry, I bet, wondering who bought the farm and if the new owners will be nice to those cats she has cared for, and gotten fixed, when the previous owners were not.

UPDATE: Well, Joy called back to say, when she went back in, the mother was inside the trap. She is going to be at the vet clinic, in Hastings, a 60 mile drive, before they open, and beg them to fix both the mother cat and the teen male.

My guess is the second kitten is deceased, too. So, she has the one kitten, the mom, and she grabbed up a teen male, not yet fixed, too, to get fixed. She has one week before the new owners take possession and she says she will drop on her knees before them and beg for the lives of the cats if she has to.

She is also worried the new owners might have big dogs, who kill cats.

But, she did good tonight. She was out there crawling around in the rafters, she said, looking for the second kitten and searched seven acres too.

If anyone has any extra bucks, let me know and I will give you Joy's address. She hasn't got any money, and is doing this on a credit card. We little people who help animals all know how this is.

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