Saturday, May 21, 2011

Modified Cage for Siamese Mom and Kittens

I wanted the Siamese warehouse mother cat to have more room, while she nurses her kittens, be more comfortable. So today, I modified a double cage I had, and built a shelf to fit inside it. I attached carpet to the shelf, then crimped the cage back together. I'd had to disassemble it to be able to put a shelf inside.

I then transferred her into it, examined the three kittens, who still have their eyes closed. They seem ok. I didn't hold them long away from mom. They are beginning to show point colors on their ears.

Troubling however is the fact the mother cat seems to be getting diarrhea. I am not sure if it is safe to roundworm her, while nursing. I will find out and do so if it is safe. She is likely full of roundworms. I'd like to vaccinate her.

If the kittens get diarrhea, they can die within hours.

Tomorrow they will be one week old.

I will get some chicken tomorrow and cook it plain, and maybe I'll get some chicken hearts, too, give them to the mom cat as she is used to dry food and mice, not canned food.

She has been eating up a storm here, and has little to look forward to but eating. She takes care of the kittens but isn't that interested in them, not like some mother cats I've encountered. She treats them like an obligation, one she'd rather not have. She behaves in every way like a mother who has never had kittens before or one who has had too many litters.

I hope the shelf will make her happier. She can have a place to be away from her kittens now for a time.

There was another litter seen out at the warehouse, the day before the night I went out to start trapping again. A black mother with two or more kittens. But by the time the employee went to tell the manager about finding them, she had moved them, and they did not know where.

It's not as dangerous out there for litters as it is at the Albany business, where mothers have litters in product that just as fast, is moved to use to build their product, without anyone knowing deep inside some insulation roll, or tucked into plastic wrapped wood products, is a litter of newborn kittens. Kittens don't survive there very often.

Sadly, it isn't just kittens who are accidentally killed. An Albany homeless man fell asleep in a cardboard recycling dumpster that was then picked up, dumped into a recycling truck and compacted. His body was discovered after the cardboard had been compacted. They figure he died from being compacted, but they're not sure. He could have been dead in the dumpster. An autopsy is being done.

They're not sure which cardboard dumpster he had been sleeping inside of that was then dumped into the compactor truck on the designated day but the authorities think maybe one near the Heritage Mall.

That's a pretty rough end.

Also, Heartland Humane over in Corvallis took tons of abnormal pets, like birds, fish, snakes and exotics, all for a show called "Confessions", about animal hoarding. The name of the hoarder to be featured in the August episode won't be released until the show airs. Supposedly he or she is not from Benton County. Makes me wonder why then Heartland ignored their policy of taking in only Benton county animals. Maybe the show paid them well? Hopefully they did so, because now they're loaded with all these birds and snakes and probably have no room for other local animals needing a place.

I guess the show's producers then asked Heartland if they would take in cats from a hoarder they are filming for another segment (also in another county) and Heartland said "no thanks". Nobody wants to deal with more cats. Nobody.

Miss Daisy got a convenia injection today. She's had a cold going on for awhile and is harder than heck to medicate, hence the shot finally.

She also got her nails trimmed. She's my little bad girl over nail trimming and I am lucky to snip one quickly when she's sleeping. She HATES having her nails trimmed. I can trim a feral cat's nails easier than I can Miss Daisy's. So I had the vet do it, under light anesthesia.

See, I was sleeping night before last, and woke up, on the edge of my bed, with Miss Daisy hanging off my lower lip. That's right, hanging off my lip.

She'd tried to jump up onto the bed. I'd rolled to the edge of the bed, and was sleeping on my side, in the meantime. Up she jumps hooking into whatever was handy to pull herself up and that something handy was my lower lip.

Imagine! If you can.

Fortunately, lips heal quickly. And Miss Daisy's claws are now blunt nubs.

While she was under, very very briefly, I had them look at the nine teeth she has left, to make sure none look bad. Fortunately, they all look solid and healthy, I was told.

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