Tuesday, May 31, 2011

8 Cats Fixed Today

I took up 8 cats today. Six of them were arranged last Friday. Then I trapped two at the warehouse, the mother of the kittens the farm workers slid out of the pipe, plus another adult black male. This is the male pipe kitten, now at my place awaiting neuter.
Pipe kitten, one of three black and one Siamese kittens, from a black female fixed today. Farm workers slid two of the kittens out of a pipe into my net, but the other two eluded capture.
Mom of Pipe Kittens, fixed today.
Another black warehouse male I caught last night, fixed today.
Best friends. These two fixed warehouse cats are rarely separated.
Brown tabby climbing down the seed bags. She was fixed over a year ago, as a kitten. I left a message with the farm to feed the mom cats other two kittens, although they already have a bag of food broken open where the kittens were hanging out. The kittens are seven weeks old, I estimate, as the black little hiss fit male weighed in at 1 lb 13 oz. They'll likely be here two weeks, before reaching the magic two pounds. They will be fixed and returned to the warehouse.

I won't have to chase them down later.
Yet another unfixed black cat I need to catch out there, along with yet another Siamese.
The unfixed black heads off into the pipes.
These three fixed friends also are rarely apart.

Although I am quitting the city grant program, I will still trap cats, using Poppa funds until they are gone.

I will no longer feel I have to respond if the city requests I intervene in a cat situation, because of the grant over my head. They didn't intend it that way, but that's how it makes me react.

So, three of the cats came from a nearby family in an apartment and the female cat has 8 kittens. Yup, 8. This is the brown tabby male of theirs fixed today and a handsome guy he is!

Org tabby male, fixed today.And this is the poor mom cat who had 8 kittens!!! 8!!!

That was two males and a female. Then two more males got dumped off at a trailer park. Watchers there called immediately and had them contained for pickup.
These boys were both abandoned at an Albany trailer park, but quickly spotted, and now fixed.

Then the guy over on 13th caught one of the three males there, the one who comes inside and he got fixed today. Here he is!

Lots of male! My car stinks.

Valentino went to the vet today also and got another antibiotic injection and got switched to a different ear med.

The vet thinks he might have to be on antibiotics long long term.

I have to return the warehouse female tonight, to go back with her two kittens, so I am going to take a nap.

Valentino is very grumpy after being in the car with me all day after he went to see his vet, who is a friend of Poppa Inc's president. He took after Sage, when she raced up to him in the bathroom. He lit into her with such lightning speed she screamed in shock. This hurt her feelings. She loves other cats.

Sage is by nature a clown. She engages in coyish and mischievous pranks and has the optimism of Miss Daisy added in. She is not entirely athletic in her tears around the house, but what she lacks in athleticism her enthusiasm more than makes up for.

So Valentino's crankiness from being tired hurt her. Was not long before she went over to try to make up to him and he was nicer, but I was also giving him the evil eye over her shoulder, the eye that says, "make a move on Sage and you die", that look and he caught my eye and well knew.

I did talk to Poppa's president about my decision by phone while in a parking lot today. I didn't have to explain myself to her. She is out of the game, too, mostly, now, and focusing her attention on getting their house ready for the market. It's a lot of work, and then to drive so far to go visit her cats out in that barn. It's hard on her, terribly hard. I know she wants it over with and to be able to move down with her family, down to SoCal. I wish there was something I could do to help.

She trapped a cat though, who was coming around her house. It was an unaltered male. He is altered now. That's the way Poppa Inc's president rolls. And me too.

It's the number one primary mission, always has been and always should have been the mission of those aiming to help cats, in my opinion.

She is now shielded from the horror stories she says and she's glad, because she couldn't take it anymore.

However, she took the time, to arrange foster care for six of the eight kittens from this Albany female fixed today. She still took the time!!! They'll be going through another group once fixed to be adopted and the old woman fostering them is one Poppa's president helped with cats once upon a time.

I told her I'll still use Poppa funds, just can't be doing it daily, and nonstop and doing situations where I'll end up with more and she knows that one, too.

UPDATE: I returned the two warehouse cats. Mom immediately joined her two kittens in the pipes. I saw both and took this photo of the little Siamese pipe kitten.

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