Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I am relieved I quit. It's like a big weight gone. I have an ad running for the nine Albany business cats. I am making fliers also. As soon as the two black kittens from the warehouse weigh two pounds, they'll be fixed and returned. I can hold them and they like it and purr, to give them KMR, but their chances, being black, of getting a home are nil. Once fixed, I'll see if the warehouse and feed store people will try to adopt them out, but other than that, I can't help those two.

I can't wait either until the Siamese's kittens get to be five weeks. At five weeks, unfortunately for them, mom is getting spayed and going home to the warehouse. If I can find a rescue group to take them then, I will, but it would have to be a rescue that fixes kittens before handing them out. So many don't, and if even one kitten handed out goes on to reproduce, in generations down the line, you've negated any good you've done for years.

Vouchers handed out with unfixed kittens get only a 40% fix rate. You may as well be breeding your own cat and handing out her kittens if you are a rescue handing out unfixed kittens.

I was contacted by a Portland woman who says she is going to adopt one of my cats. Made my heart happy to hear that.

Anyhow, I'll probably try to finish that warehouse. I know of at least two adults there still needing fixed. I like the challenge of catching two unfixed cats in a massive area among large numbers of already fixed cats. I like that. Keeps me on my toes. There are the two kittens still, if they survive, who will need caught and fixed, the siblings of the two pipe kittens here. These two will grow faster than those two. Once these make the weight, I hope to swap them out with mom, give her back these two, take her other two. I'll have her head spinning!

One of the warehouse workers told me he has a friend who works at a dairy and estimates there to be 300 cats roaming that dairy, none of whom are fixed. I forwarded this information, although unsubstantiated, to the Corvallis FCCO people. If this is true, that's a young person and an FCCO type challenge.

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