Monday, May 30, 2011

16 Days Old. Point Colors Darken

16 Days Old Now!! Their ears, originally white, then blue in color, are darkening to classic chocolate points.

As for the Egyptian temple cats people, you never know, one day they might turn into radical cat fixers! Stranger things have happened.

The mayor of Albany didn't use to even like cats. Then something happened one day. A mother cat showed up with her kittens and nobody to help her. The mayor, although then she was not the mayor, was the chosen one, by this mother, so desperately in need.

When the kittens were older, the former cat disliker tried to give them away at a garage sale. She was, however, horrified by the manner of people wanting them, locked them in her house and told people they were all now in homes. Which was true. Her home. Where they stayed and still remain, to this day.

So, people aren't static, they change and the change can be fricking dramatic. So, maybe those people bred cats and give them away unfixed and are hostile to suggestions they fix them. But next week, or next month, or next year, they could be the ones, like me, out there trying to round up cats and get them fixed and protect them. It could happen! You never know.

Life is strange and sometimes the twists and turns are beautiful.

In other kitten war news, another post on craigslist said they had seven or eight kittens from two litters and wanted them and the mother cats gone right now. I called the number. No answer. I called the other number, their mother, who was excited about the possibility of getting them fixed. Alas, the couple didn't care about getting any of them fixed and when they called me back, had already handed out all the kittens unfixed and were not interested in getting the mothers fixed only in getting rid of them.

This sort of thing, going on everywhere right now, is so discouraging, I want to cry, in fact, it's hard for me not to cry just writing about it. It seems very pointless to continue. Nobody cares or will lift one finger to go out of their way to act responsibly. People want their own needs met and right now and fuck everyone else.

And in further kitten news, farm workers hoisted up pipes, to slide two black kittens into my net. The other two, another Siamese and another black, and their mom, could not be located in time. You see, the farm workers had only two minutes left on their break when they saw I could use some help extricating the kittens from the pipes. So they used those two minutes to quickly help catch the two.

They're from the same warehouse as the Siamese comes from, the one with kittens. I want to catch their mom, but also don't want to have to chase down these kittens when they are adults, to be fixed. They are not quite big enough, so they'll have to also stay here until they are two pounds. Then they will be fixed and returned.

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