Sunday, May 29, 2011

You Have Got to be Kidding Me!!!!

Look at this craigslist post---such discouraging ignorance "been in their family for generations" but they haven't the social responsibility to fix them. I am struggling here, with all these rescues, none of whom are getting any adoption interest and I am struggling in part because of people like this, who behave so irresponsibly.

Egyptain Temple Cats (Philomath area)
Date: 2011-05-29, 1:37PM PDT
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We have 15 cats to give to quality homes that want good mousers and bug eaters! These cats have been in our family for more than ten generations of their family lives,and over 13 years with us. They are a small breed of feline ,being a cross of a black , a brown ,or red sable Manx mixed with Siamese. They look like the fine boned Egyptian Temple Cats that are seen in photos. They have been well socialized, and been raised with chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys. They are all incredibly affectionate, and full of personality! I will only adopt them out to people who come here and meet them and connect with them. No Breeders! No cat eaters or medical experimentation ! I do not have good photo capabilities,and these cats are not fixed. PLEASE no emails--Call 541-929-4983 small adoption fee or garden plant exchange to keep CL happy. Have a great day!

I e-mailed this person from a different ad I found on another website. Here is his or her response. Her response is not only ignorant but passive aggressive. It is frustrating. I had told her how breeding cats causes costs for everyone, spreads diseases, but they do not want to hear it. If they want to breed their cats and keep them all there on their property, that's one thing, but when people hand them out unfixed, they begin a chain of affecting everyone. She responded she did not want to hear again from me and I responded back I didn't want to hear from her again either. Mutual thing. The post I'd responded to, not sure where it had been posted, was a claim that her ads were being flagged and she thought free ads sites were the community helping each other. I responded to that on how she could help the community and then she or he probably would not be flagged, if the cats were fixed.

from: "J P"
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For your information. These cats live a very healthy and loved life. They serve a purpose on farms by eating rodents, which are rampant in our areas due to long standing history of properties not being properly cared for. These cats have only been being given to other farms . They are also part of the natural food chain. When felines are allowed to live in their families, they moderate their numbers naturally. This is a well documented fact and can be researched and studied. These cats have been properly cared for all their lives . Perhaps it is yourself that needs more educating. Wishing you well on the furthering of your education! Have a beautiful day!

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