Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two More Business Cats Fixed Today

Teenage muted torti, spayed today, from the Albany business cats.
This medium hair gray tabby tux female was very pregnant at spay today. I felt bad for her, to lose her kittens this late, but nobody wants her, let alone them.
This is what she looked like the first time I saw her, before her spay, by the garbage can. She had been inside the dumpster, looking for food.
This is the calico, and muted torti teen, huddled against a building, the first time I saw them out there. The calico (photo below of her taken before her spay) was fixed last Friday and was pregnant again. Her daughter, from previous litter, is the younger one of the two fixed today.

Drop dead tired this a.m. after last night's fiasco late trapping, I slept for an hour as my alarm rang unnoticed by me. I finally jumped out of bed and into my clothes and raced off to check the traps I'd left set at the business, but nary one had been touched. I was then told they had not seen the cats in the usual warehouse the day before. Had I known that, I would not have wasted my night trying to trap them there.

I then did some of the necessary chores here, cleaning litterboxes, filling water and food, before heading north with the pair of girls from the business. After leaving them at the clinic, I headed straight to the rest area, in my filthy stinking car, with no time for a shower this morning for me either, and dropped into a dead sleep. I awakened briefly a couple of times, then to my phone ringing at almost 3:00 p.m., a call from the clinic to say the cats were ready to pick up. So I got about five hours of good sleep in the rest area, propped against my window. Cars are not made for comfortable sleep. They should be.

I think one of the two remaining preggies there, that I know of at least, has given birth. I saw her when I stopped by, to check on the two traps I left with an employee. She looked skinny, was out searching for food. I'm tired and I want to cry for those cats. I wish I had a solution for them.

Yesterday, in taking up 8 cats, 7 of them from Albany, I ran into two more drop dead pregnant females. One was being taken care of by a girlfriend of the owner. She claimed he told her she was already spayed. I told her I could get her fixed, but they refused. I asked them to at least wait then, to hand out the kittens, until they are two months old and can be fixed first. I do not believe that will happen.

The second female is a stray at Pine Meadow and also extremely pregnant. I did not see her, but when I returned the six other cats this woman had, after they were fixed, she said she had her in her daughter's bedroom. They are going to let her have her kittens.

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