Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One More Business Cat Caught in the Night

One of the two traps set last night produced the siver tabby female kitten this morning. She's currently in my bathroom. Of course I'd love to place her, and her sister, the muted torti young teen, now recuperating with the wild thing adult gray tabby, in my garage.

Since they're not getting fed there, I am keeping adult females several days to recuperate, in a rabbit hutch, giving them a nice cozy warm bed and all the food they can eat, which is completely foreign to them. The calico stayed here three days after her surgery. I wish I had somewhere for them all to go, especially the little ones, like this sweetheart little silver tabby girl.

The long hair gray tabby female is totally feral, but these young things, they're not. I played games with this silver tabby kitten in that warehouse on "the long night", her coming within a couple feet of me, begging for food. There's another sister, a torbi tux, whom I sure want to catch. She's so skinny. Like I say, my desire to save them kicks in, but where would I find them a safe place to live?

In other news, my computer connection speed has slowed so badly I cannot watch videos online without long waits for "buffering". I have not attempted to create more youtube videos for the same reason. I do not know if it is my computer or Comcast.

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