Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Big Adair male, fixed yesterday.

One of six Pine Meadows cats fixed yesterday, from one Albany household. This is one of two muted calicos.Tabby on white Pine Meadow female fixed yesterday.
Orange and white male, Cheese, fixed yesterday.
The two muted calicos from Albany fixed yesterday.

Tabby on white long hair female, fixed yesterday.Tabby on white Albany male fixed yesterday.
College Park drive Albany female PooPoo, spayed yesterday.

I failed miserably tonight, at catching the business cats, and they even hired a security guard to be there while I trapped. I left just after midnight, catching only two unfixed cats. I did recatch all three of the cats I had already taken to be fixed.

I saw few cats. I saw a couple kittens in the warehouse and I saw four adults, two pregnant females and two males. I saw the males only with binoculars then later heard them fighting in the field. The pregnant females came through and then vanished. The two kittens hid out in the warehouse. I think it was the weather and the fact they're never fed, outside of them digging in the dumpsters or begging scraps from workers eating lunch. Isn't that sad?

Of course I'm tired, and I'm disappointed I didn't catch more cats. The weather, if it had only rained, they would have been around, inside the warehouse, catchable. If they'd only feed them for awhile even, so they'd even know what cat food is, the poor cats, they'd be more catchable. I should have baited the traps with trash, or bits of sandwich, or tacos or burgers or fries. Probably would have worked.

I took 8 cats up to be fixed today, which didn't help. I had to be back to the business by 5:00, before they closed the gate, and I barely made it, had no time to really prepare to trap, since I got the last cat delivered back home at twenty minutes to 5:00, giving me only minutes to come home and grab traps and be at the business. Wasn't pretty, let me say. Not at all. And I'm a mess. I really am.

I'm beating myself over not catching them all. Then I think, I didn't start that problem, I didn't cause it, and I'm not even being paid.

The security guard at least got paid for her hours there.

UPDATE: No cats in traps this morning either. I arranged with an employee to set and check traps. He said the problem has been going on ten years at least. It's not going to be solved in one night. But, on the other hand, I wish I could have solved it in the six hours I was there last night.

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