Thursday, April 14, 2011

Candidate's Kids Failing at OSU. So, Rich OSU Backers Demand They Be Reinstated

Click the post title to see what is going on at OSU. Art Robinson, a very very ultra right wing former and future candidate for the house has been crying foul over his kids failures to graduate OSU graduate programs in nuclear physics, even attacking the apartment chair as a radical feminist.

Now, he's got on board a bunch of rich alumni, who have been involved in raising a lot of money for OSU. They too are conservatives.

OSU cannot respond on why the Robinson kids, I say kids, but they are all adults, are failing due to privacy issues, making Robinsons' claims a seriously one sided attack on OSU.

The fact they now are using ultra rich alumni, and the threat of withholding donations, to get their way, is extremely troubling. In fact, it's disgusting.

I don't know what has gone on with with the two adult children in question, in their quests for advance degrees. We as the public can never know, due to student privacy issues. But Art Robinson's temper tantrums and accusations and now the backing of a bunch of rich conservatives no doubt will get him his way.

Money talks. Money is power. A public university stands no chance in the face of this one sided campaign against a department. I think OSU should speak out in defense of itself, despite the privacy issues, have somebody do so anonymously. Something. One sided smear campaigns aren't fair.

It will be interesting to see if any real information on what happened in that department comes out, or, if under the pressure of money, the university will cave. That would be sad. OSU is full of drama, that I've heard before, but the accusations made by Art Robinson are severe. They are career ending accusations leveled by him at OSU professors and a department. He better be right in his accusations, or I would hope those involved would sue the hell out of him right back for libel and character assasination. Fair is fair.

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