Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Blame Jody Day in Albany

So I get two complaints today, one by phone message and one by e-mail.

The phone message states "I am looking for my cat and I believe he may have been trapped by somebody like you and is missing." Etc etc. Somebody like me.

I called her back. I told I don't steal cats I have plenty here already and resent the implication. I can't find out from her if he is neutered or not, because if he isn't, there you go. He's off roaming looking for love and may die or have died in the process. I told her to go look for the nearest outside allowed unfixed female, then the next if she's already pregnant. Or look to a cat hating neighbor. But not to blame or suggest "people like me" are responsible.

The next accusation came in e-mail (along with "blessings") from a Heatherdale trailer park tenant doing the dirty work of the manager, who misplaced his trap and is passively aggressively suggesting I took it. The trailer park is full of druggees and criminals but let's blame Jody, the woman who has worked her fricking butt off there, for nothing, getting over 100 cats fixed. One Heatherdale cat is still here. Comet.

So, it's Just Blame Jody day in Albany. Yes, I am very powerful and responsible for every Albany problem, from missing unfixed cats to stolen by criminals traps.

Go ahead and blame me. Know how much I give a shit?

You can probably guess.

As an aside, although nobody around here cares, three more Albany cats were fixed today. I'll celebrate privately, because it's good news for the cats of Albany, but the complainers, whiners and butt sitters, well, all they do is what they do best--complain and blame. I do wish they'd get out there and do something decent for the community. Sure be more productive than, say, BLAMING JODY!

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