Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Fun Tonight

I helped a woman get some cats fixed where they live awhile back. Today, she had another who had showed up, so he was fixed. She also told me her long time live in guy had decided he wasn't happy and left. Her mother was supposed to visit, but she hadn't felt up to it. But she had signed up her mother and herself already for a fused glass class at the senior center. She wondered if I would go in her mother's place.

I went.

I had no idea what fused glass was before arriving. I had a blast. The people were nice and it was relaxing and crafty and fun.

What a great night.

Also, here are photos of the three Albany cats fixed today:
Sassy, as I've named her, the sixth cat caught at the Albany business and she's not going back to die there. I can't do it to her.

The latest show at the Hill street house of cats. Actually, the woman has only one herself, but contacted me last December about fixing strays, including a mom cat, whom she still feeds, and her kitten, whom she and her partner found a home for. That was Mr. Mo. We also got a long hair tabby on white male fixed, a long hair white male fixed, a short hair tabby on white male fixed, an orange tabby male fixed and now this black male.Stray female, taken in a few days ago, by an area resident, fixed today.

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