Friday, April 15, 2011

Business Cats Have Disappeared

The business cats have almost completely disappeared. Even the employees cannot figure it out. Something happened that weekend. I'd trapped three in the 40 minutes I was allowed there on Thursday night. I did not realize they were going to lock up the fenced property and I couldn't trap longer that night. I saw tons of cats that night in the warehouse.

I wasn't allowed back into the property until Monday night, late. I saw then a couple males, from a distance and two pregnant females I did not catch. The weather was good and the cats I saw were widely dispersed in the huge acreage that includes many buildings. I caught two that night, who are still here, left traps set, caught another in the night the next night, but have seen no cats since and neither have the employees.

They confessed they saw no cats that Monday, during the day, before I trapped that night, which was abnormal. Something happened over the weekend I think then is still going on. A predator may have moved in, or there may have been a spill of something toxic that killed them, if they drank water with something toxic in it. They drink water from a very polluted ditch. If it was a predator, it will have been a fox, most likely.

However, the catch there is a predator would have also eaten the cat food I left out. I call it a "marker", leaving a small pile of cat food here or there, to see if a cat has been in that area or to try to locate areas where the cats frequent. And those marker piles are still in place. Nothing has touched them.

It could be. with better weather, they found and migrated over to a nearby fed colony. Some of the adults likely originated from that colony.

It may also be the fact there has been a lot of moving around of all kinds of piled stuff and even huge items there. The calico has not been seen, nor the two tabby on white kittens, now fixed.

For now, trapping is done, because the cats have disappeared. I don't know that they are dead. They're not fed, is the thing, so they could be roaming farther for food. The two pregnant females could have had kittens and be with them. The two males could have roamed off, without further females there in heat. The tabby on white kittens and calico, because I retrapped all three of them that Monday night, could be severely trap shy now.

They claim there were 15 cats. I've trapped six. Three are still here. Two others not yet trapped were pregnant females, two were males and two were kittens. The others not yet trapped also could have been males, now roaming elsewhere in search of sex.

It could be all innocent because the area is so large and they're not fed anywhere. I suspect some may have met their end. I wanted so badly to catch the sister of this little gray tabby kitten now here, taming quickly. I wanted badly to save the kittens at least.

I never count out the cats, however, but for now I'll remove the two traps. I understand the torbi tux kitten is spooked of the traps. Her two sisters have not returned. That's because they're here though, safe and sound, and I wanted her safe and sound also.

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