Saturday, April 16, 2011

Albany Cat Grant Almost Gone

I was informed by Poppa Inc's treasurer there is just over $800 left in the Albany cat grant. That isn't much. I've taken in hordes of Albany cats lately.

I want to catch another male roaming my yard, finish catching any at that Albany business, get a female fixed from 15th, and try to get the remaining female fixed from that man who had four females, where I also got five stray males fixed. There were also at least two more roaming males there. That will be it for the Albany grant money.

As I still don't know the future of Poppa Inc. for sure, I'll have to hold off after the grant is used, until official word arrives, after their board meeting, which will discuss the future, since Poppa Inc's president is leaving the state.

I don't know if we'll get another Albany grant. It has been highly successful in reducing the numbers of unwanted and free roaming cats in many areas of Albany at a very low cost to Albany, compared to running a shelter. It's quite progressive and forward thinking. It has allowed me to instantly solve any problem that comes to my attention, regarding unfixed cats, which is great, for the community, the cats and for people. It has allowed me to prevent future problems by fixing cats that otherwise won't get fixed, too. I've trapped I believe 26 or 27 cats in my yard alone.

There's another now, a Lynx Point male, who is causing havoc amongst my cats with his behavior outside, spray marking and such. Sam especially is going nuts with him out there at times and has begun pee marking to let me know how unhappy he is that an unfixed male is outside spraying "his territory". I do wish people in this area would take more personal responsibility with their pets, but they don't.

Sam, I'm on it. I am going to nab that wayward spraying Siamese, becaues if I don't, Sam, I know well the consequences on ME!!! And on this house!

Yesterday was cleaning day here. Sure, it could be drudgery but I like cleaning. I'm also doing the earthquake preparedness thing. I attached the one cabinet I have that houses the tv, to a wall stud using a hurricane bracket. They flex slightly.

I don't have otherwise anything heavy that could fall over or out in an earthquake except dishes in cupboards and I"m not sure how to secure those. The cupboards close but do not latch. I'll have to figure out something. I'm going to secure the TV, too, so it can't fall out of the entertainment center. If it did, it would, however, fall only 18 inches, so maybe I should save my effort. I have overhead cat runs and I thought about installing flexibreaks in them, so they could contort all they wanted to, without breaking and falling.

I've determined which table I'd get under (the one without the broken leg), and even have my former bike helmet hung on a hook by my bed. Now that's preparedness! I also reinforced my homemade bunk bed legs, with cinder blocks, to ensure it would not collapse in an earthquake. However, I'm not so sure the top bunk wouldn't collapse down onto me, in the lower bunk, if something struck it.

I know Oregon is due for a big quake. I've been through some quakes. There were two when I lived in the high rise low income apartments in Corvallis. One merely swayed for under twenty seconds. The other was violent shaking and seemed to go on for a minute at least. My cat woke me both times before the quake happened. I also went through one while in Seward, Alaska. I was on a mountain at the time it hit, and suddenly shale began sliding and falling all around me. When I got back to my bosses' basement apartment, all the dishes had fallen out of the cupboards onto the floor.

There's not much around here to fall, unless the house collapsed completely. The trees out back might rip out, which likely would kill the garage and my car. Not much I can do about that. Trees are trees and shit sometimes happens.

I also replaced a couple three vinyl floor pieces in my home improvement day and of course, did the usual sweeping, mopping and litterbox soaking that comes with Fridays.

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