Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Stayton Trailer Park Kitten Now

I haven't heard from the Stayton trailer park in awhile. We sure got a lot of cats fixed there, really made a difference. Keni took in four cats from that place. Well, she arranged fosterers for three and still has Nickel, the declawed male found there in terrible shape. Two other teen girls went to someone she knew who fostered them until they got homes. The fourth was a very sick kitten, whom I took clear to I don't remember where, Gladstone or somewhere, to someone else Keni, Poppa's president, knows. She was just going to foster her, since her vet would take payments and none of us had any money for a needed vet visit. But she wound up keeping her.

She looked like this when I picked her up.

Now she looks like this:

My own kitty, Dex, diagnosed with late stage kidney failure last January, had another crisis precipitated by her getting a cold. She got terribly dehydrated. Again, I had to give her several hundred cc's of fluids daily, and she pulled right back out of it within three days. But these kidney crises have to be taking a toll on an old cat.

I discovered massive amounts of fluids, given 120 at a time, over the course of a day, can really flush her clean of toxic buildup if she gets dehydrated and give her a fighting chance. That's how I do it now. 450 to 600 a day, if she gets in trouble. She got so she'd be in the bathroom waiting for the last fluids of the night. If I warm the bag up before giving her fluids, she doesn't seem to notice me giving them much.

I can't fight old age and its effects. Nobody can. I just love her now and when she's gone I'll miss her.

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