Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Barn

The temp barn home K has for her cats is very nice. Nonetheless, when she could not find three of the first cats she took out there, she became nervous. She will search the entire place with flashlight today, she says, and try to locate them. She's hoping they are hiding behind something.

I would be also nervous if I couldn't find some of my cats. What if they found a hole and got out? It's rural and they don't know where they are and there are coyotes everywhere out there, as there are so many places now.

I asked her if she was excited to be leaving Oregon and this endless depressing rain. She said she is ready to leave today! Who could blame her? She sent me a link to a house she is ready to buy right now, but her mother insists she see it first. Her mother and sister, who live down where K and her husband will be moving to, in southern California, are real estate agents anyhow, which is great for them.

This miserable rain and cold have gone on forever. Soon to be replaced by dust and pollen around here. Prices for everything are going up.

I would leave in an instant if I had a way out.

I worry about what if something happens to me, what will happen to the cats here. K would have helped place them. Now she's leaving. My brother, who owns this house, would find the nearest shelter to haul them off to, I would guess, should I die.

I do think about that. I don't have anyone to even feed them, to leave for a couple of days.

I often envy people with family and friends. I shouldn't. From the sounds of things for some of them, they'd be better off without their families. Everybody ends up dying alone. But, my concern is for the cats here, should something happen to me. I need a plan of action. I do have them listed on my refrigerator door.

But I need to somehow be able to activate a network of people, upon my serious injury or death, who would help immediately get them out of here, if something did happen to me. I bet there are a lot of people who need the same sort of thing.

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