Saturday, March 19, 2011

Woodstove Removal Project Continues

After I took out all the bricks and mortar the decorative wood stove sat upon, the subfloor was exposed.
After removing the brick against the wall, a white dirty square remained. I painted it, but used the wrong green, spackling nail holes. I then searched for the right green, amongst old paint cans and when I could not find unused paint of the right color, I went searching for the color patch strip so I could get a quart. I save every color patch except, apparently, that one. So I pulled a small surface piece of drywall off, painted the right green, and took it to Home Depot, for a match and he did his best.
Cut and laid a piece of OSB over the sub floor, nailed it down.
Painted the floor OSB, for moisture protection and repainted the wall, where the bricks had been, a shade of green closer to the shade on the rest of the wall. However, the match is not exact.

Looking good! Laid the vinyl sticky back vinyl squares over the spot.
Good job!I've still got to bolt a round decoratively painted board or metal piece over the hole where the stove pipe inserted into the ceiling, then through the attic and out. Removing the entire pipe from the roof and attic is a contractor job. In other words, Mr. Brother the Contractor job.

I wonder if I could install a fan in that hole, to either push or pull air in or out? That's a novel thought.

I still must cut the baseboard piece and replace it, too. And get rid of the stove. I don't believe the man who had offered to haul it off will really do so. I think I'll try to sell it.The interesting discovery is that in 4', the subfloor loses 1/8th inch, slanting downwards towards the front of the house. In 32 feet, that means the house would be an inch lower on one side than the other. The photo is fuzzy, but is of the east edge of the four foot square, after installing the 1/2 inch OSB and nailing it down. It is flush on the west length, and an eighth shy on the east length. I should have compensated, I guess, but I just checked the flush side, when nailing it in, then when I noticed, I thought, I don't care.

And I don't care.

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