Friday, March 18, 2011

One Albany Cat Fixed Today

I've been off my game since the cat in the rafters caper and the removal of the decorative only wood stove project. I have failed to round up cats in the numbers I am known for rounding up. It's not that I haven't tried. The people I am targeting, seven females between two households, don't answer calls or knocks on the door or notes left.

Every one of those females will have kittens. Those kittens will be handed out to their friends, who likely will not fix them either.

The other people, for whom I've already taken in four cats, caught another Thursday evening, a torbi. I took her up today to be fixed. She was pregnant, the third cat from them alone who has been pregnant.

I waited out her fix in the rest area, but did not get a chance to sleep.

Poppa was contacted by someone in Yamhill county with 20 to 30 cats, can't pay a dime towards fixing them, they claim, and who suddenly, now that there are 30, are concerned, when the females are pregnant. I was ticked to hear this. At an average of $50 per cat, if half males, half females, fixing 30 cats costs $1500. That's a lot of money and does not count expenese incurred if they also will not do the labor themselves, the transporting and trapping, which requires gas money, bait, and flea treatment.

Put them on payment plan, I say.

I should try to write a grant for money for Poppa Inc. Nobody else has time.

I've had to give the apartment pair sub cu fluids. They're a little strange. They let me pet and hold them, but still aren't eating unless I force feed them, which I'm doing--adult cats! I think they're just scared, especially the one who got loose, then me trying to catch her and all, frightened the calico teen still in the hutch, and they lost sleep.

Speaking of lost sleep, I have not gotten enough sleep lately.

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