Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big Time Bummer

Heartland called to say they found a spot of ringworm on Whisper, the young tame orange kitty I'd never seen before, and trapped in my yard I guess it was aobut three weeks back. She never entered my house, since I had colds going on inside, and went right to Heartland after she was fixed, spending the night in my car.

I have no idea where she came from. She was desperate, starving and out in a huge storm.

Now I have to go get her. Where will I put her to treat it? Hell if I know.

The good thing is Sage is likely going to be adopted by a Eugene woman, still ironing out details of the "when".

Heartland has agreed to take the tame black female from the apartment complex. I worry however. If she is living under the building, in that wet environment, what if she, under the stress of shelter life, pops out in ringworm? Then I have to go get her and keep her here til she's over it. I end up with more and more. So I'm not so sure now.

Ringworm is terribly common in moldy wet Oregon and lies in wait in piles of leaves, straw, under buildings too.

Things have gone slightly worse. The woman in the apartment complex caught the calico's sister. That's one of the pair in my bathroom. I tried to explain to her that Keni can't take them right now, and the other two are in my bathroom and how stressed I am because they won't eat and I'm worn out, all that. She doesn't care about any of that, wants her needs met. Then she tells me she hasn't fed the cats in days, not since last Wednesday when I poured out food there. I became so distraught and distressed, I put my phone on the floor and stomped it with my foot.

It's my stress levels.

I was going to go over anyway. I wanted to feed those poor cats. I had already warned the woman when I arrived not to talk to me because of how upset I am with her. She is on SSI just like me. Same income.

I get in my car, and it starts and all, but the headlights won't come on. The parking lights work, but not the headlights. I sit out there in the car, like I can magically make it work for an hour. I try to check fuses but I don't understand their little abreviations and could not find one labeled for headlights.

I give up in the end. I only have a few minutes left on the tracfone and no landline phone now. That's probably a good thing.

I knew something would go wrong with the car. It was a matter of time. The thing has 200,000 miles on it. I just wasn't prepared for the actual moment, when it came, that I couldn't use it. I hope it's something I can figure out. I have no money. I have no credit card.

I'm really fed up and tired out.

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