Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Valentino's Dental and Turbo's Adoptor Sends Photos

Valentino got five bad teeth pulled today and the rest cleaned. He came home with pain meds and antibiotics. All this done, for $121. Nickel, the Stayton trailer park male, abandoned there declawed and already neutered, with a swollen jaw from an infected tooth, also had five teeth pulled today and the rest cleaned, for the same low price. He returned to Keni's and in a couple weeks, will go up for adoption.

Lucky boys and I'm glad Keni found that clinic.

It was a long early drive for me. I had to be up by 5:00 a.m.

I get home and find Turbo's adoptor had sent new photos. He's from the Lebanon 5th Wheeler colony, same place Zuli came from. His name is now ET. That woman adopted a kitten from Corvallis from my one volunteer, at least three years ago. She fostered three kittens, semi-ferals from Corvallis, then bowed out, because it was too much with working all day, to be able to have time to work with kittens. She found two of them homes, in the end. Berry went to this home. The girl went up to a home in WA, and Thor, the manx, came here, because he had manx syndrome, unable to control his bowels. He finally went to a barn near Corvallis.

I never met the woman who adopted Berry, one of the three Corvallis kittens, but he is doing just fine, and now named Guber. Turbo was adopted by the same great animal lover and renamed ET, because he's soooooo polydactyl. Et's new people just adore him and he is going through a huge growth spurt right now, getting long and lanky.Turbo, now known as ET, in the window at his new home.
Their older cat Hobbs, with Turbo/ET.
The third cat they own, Berry, formerly of Corvallis, is now known as Guber.

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