Thursday, March 03, 2011

Lost Little Dog, Corvallis. If you are Driving Highway 20, Conifer, Circle, Seavy, WATCH FOR THIS DOG!!!

Lost Dog - not giving up! (Last spotted near Cheldelin/Garden Ave)

Date: 2011-02-25, 9:42AM PST
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Corvallis - Please keep your eyes open for this little dog! She has been missing since January 19 and could be anywhere in the city! She was last spotted arround Cheldilin School area in early February. She's also been seen on Garden Ave. off of Hwy 20.

The dog’s name is Mo and she is a long haired Chihuahua. Her body is white and her hair is medium length. Her face is brown and white with some black markings and a white stripe down the forehead. Her tail is white, brown and black.

This small dog was lost from a home on Glacier Way across the tracks to the east from Cheldelin Middle school. The sightings have been near the school and on Seavy and in the fields around Garden Ave.

This dog is a rescue dog from a home where she was kept as a breed dog with 56 other dogs; she is afraid of people and is partially deaf. She has on a black and pink collar but no tags and her nipples are prominent from nursing puppies. Mo is microchiped.

This dog could be anywhere by now and will most likely run if approached. If spotted please call Julie @ 541 752-5292or the Heartland Humane Society @ 541 757-9000 so that we can come immediately to try to lure her. We will come as soon as we can after getting the call so please be precise as to where you last saw her. She can really run so please don’t chase her, just watch what direction she goes.

Please help, this dog was making great progress in trusting people before she went missing and is a dear little animal and very much loved.

541 752-5392
541 757-9000 = Heartland Humane Society

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