Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Future? Blue Oil!

Click the post title to see hope in action--blue oil, produced with algae growth spured by photosynthesis and injections of CO2 from a nearby cement plant. The process depollutes, because it uses CO2 produced in the cement manufacture.

Could be ten years though, before it's ready for mass production. Watch out classical oil companies. The future won't need you.

Oil use has declined in the US over the last few years, I read.

That's attributed in part to gas prices and to people getting smart and buying higher mileage cars.

I'm tired of hearing presidents for decades promise to make the US energy independent. Meanwhile, China now produces high volume low cost solar panels. And the Blue Oil research is not in the US either.

We're bypassing opportunity, to fight in WA, over things like gay marraige and abortion.

Grants are being given out that are stupid wastes, like the $4.4 million given to OSU to research fat rural kids. Such money should be put where it can spur the future and the future is in energy independence--blue oil and the like.

If we don't, it will be produced in another country and we'll be dependent on that country.

Every region of the US should be able to produce its own energy, is my opinion. Oregon needs to get going on this. It's the future. And a cash and job cow we want to milk.

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