Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Shows

The people who had adopted Sage and Smolder were coming today to pick up Willow. But they indicated they would come about 11:00 a.m. or between 11:00 a.m. and noon. they were no shows and did not call.

I guess that is that.

I am disappointed, for sure.

Seems Safehaven was called by an Albany woman who went out and bought a trap to trap neighborhood cats because she doesn't want them in her yard. She'd caught one and wanted somebody to take it off her hands now. Probably was a neighbors cat. So what does Safehaven do? Safehaven gives them KATA's number.


Number one, Safehaven, educate the woman on the law. Number two, educate her on how to keep cats out of her yard. Number three: you are paid people, wtf giving out somebody's number who works full time, so she is called while at her own job, by this woman when you are paid people, getting paid to educate Linn County residents on just such issues. LAME!!!!! And LAZY!

I got called by a Eugene woman who wanted to know what to do with a stray cat, apparently pregnant, and tame. I asked if she knew I was in Albany? I asked if she read on my website that I don't take in cats from the public. I told her she could get the cat fixed, feed the cat, and try to find it a home, or she could take it somewhere, if she could find a shelter to take it.

I was e-mailed by an Albany man who claimed he lives in a house that came with a cat, from the former owners. He said the former owners have taken it to their new home three times and three times the cat came back. He says he does not feed the cat, a neighbor does, but someone let it in their house and now apparently it has ringworm. He said he had no money to take it to a vet and asked what he should do.

Huh? That's crazy. He doesn't do anything for the cat. He doesn't feed it or anything.

My response to him was that ringworm is self limiting and the cat will get over it and I'm not the money bags, the free everything person of Albany. It's also still an abandonment thing. The original owners certainly can keep their cat inside at their new place and then he won't be returning to his old home, if that's even true.

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