Thursday, March 31, 2011

Limo Screening my Windows

When I can afford it, I'm getting limo screen for my windows.

Sometimes some of the people living nearby openly make fun of me as "the cat lady" and say other things. I love having no curtains and blinds that don't work so they don't close. But lately I have had a hard time dealing with the lonliness, criticism and also the financial problems, that have come with the high gas prices. I don't want people staring in my windows anymore. I'm tired of being made fun of. I have no allies.

Not since the military recruiters left. They were unholy and outrageous and nonjudgemental and defensive of me and we became friends.

I dream of leaving but I don't know how to make that happen. I'm envious of the woman who has been feeding the apartment cats. She's moving to Eugene, she tells me. She found a place to live that will allow her to have two cats. I know she'll be happier in Eugene. There is so much more one can do there, if one has little or no money. There is a great public transportation system, too, if you have no car, and she doesn't.

As for the others still there, she is determined not to leave them behind and find somewhere that will take them. There are only two she would need to place now--the black tame female and one of the two black males. She'll keep her orange cat and the other black male.

The other kitten will come here to join her sister eventually. And that is that. The rest have all been placed or are gone. Two are in my bathroom, but I got them tested at Heartland, have vaccinated them, and the calico teen is now very social. I work with her daily.

Poppa's president is taking two from here maybe by tomorrow, to work into one of the adoption groups she works with up in the Portland area. That will help some. I have no luck anymore finding homes and kitten season is about to hit. Dismal, man. That's all I can say. And depressing. I keep trying.

I don't hear from my younger brother anymore. Maybe that means he's gotten some work. I hope so.

Until I can find a way out, I hope to privatize my space more.

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