Thursday, March 31, 2011

Radioactive Iodine Shows up in WA, OR and CA cow's milk

It is surprising to me, that already cows' milk in Oregon, Washington and California is testing positive for radioactive iodine. The levels are very low. For that to happen means usually the radioactive fallout is landing on grass or food the lactating cows ingest.

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I would not have expected that to happen so rapidly.

The cancers after Chernobyl were mostly thyroid cancers in children. They were believed to be caused by eating contaminated food and drinking milk from cows contaminated with radiation.

If cows are ingesting radiation, means food crops will also be accumulating it.

So far, the good news is, the levels are very very low.

If they go up, could mean economic disaster for at least the three western states. We grow a lot of food here.

Nuclear power isn't safe. Because the companies that run the plants cannot be trusted to safely maintain them or to tell the truth.

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