Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Break In!

I heard crashing. Then clanging.

I thought it was in my garage and my heart began to race.

Just like last time.

But this time, my first thought was "The perp is a cat."

I was right on!

I can handle cat intruders, I boasted to myself.

Out I went, into my garage, confident, and yet, I had my pepper spray ready.


I searched high and low. This time, I knew where the torbi was, although I checked to be sure.

I figured it was going to be one of my neighbors' cats.

But then, I glanced outside from my window and spotted the perp. ON MY ROOF!

It was the white cat.

A dedicated effort at breaking into my cat yard was underway by the two cats from the next street---the white cat and the orange cat.

They know me. I got them fixed. Now they rarely go home. Home is two houses from me and a street over. They want into my cat yard. The next step from there is them in my house. They want it. I don't.

I didn't design the cat yard containment to keep cats out so much. Now, too late, I realize my mistake. There are lots of barely noticed owned cats around this area. They get bored. Bored cats in the hood are trouble! They lust after the life of my cats. They want it for themselves. So, they try to break in. And I try to keep them out.

My neighbors three barely noticed cats are constantly in my yard, too. Now the two houses down neighbors cats from one street over are always here, like it's some cat hang out, a cat bar, a cat mall, a game room.

What am I to do?

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