Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Letter To Gazette Times About Valentino

My letter about Valentino, pretty much trying to find him a home, was printed today in the Corvallis Gazette Times. Click the post title to go to the letter.

I have not had any responses.

Meanwhile, his sore front leg, I thought and maybe was, caused by his fall off the bed a couple weeks back, has resulted in a knot on the bone just above his toes. It's below the joint. It is hard.

He walks on that leg but still sometimes favors it. He will hold the leg up if sitting upright. He jumps up onto couches and chairs and down from them and walks around on it. He can flex out his toes. It's the knot I worry about. He probably needs an X-ray.

My concern is if it's not related to the fall. What if he has bone cancer, is what I think about.

I have no money for an X-ray. I think an x-ray should cost $50 to $80. That is not the case. They're closer to $200. The vet I use in Wilsonville would charge $180 for the X-ray and $48 for an office visit. If there's something wrong, then you add on from there.

There is no way for small timers like me, without any money, to pay for vet services. There appear to be no options out there either.

No one I know of would ever think of disrespecting a vet's work. But the work of rescuers is not valued. People want injured or homeless animals saved. But that costs somebody and if nobody steps forward, is the lone little rescuer to go into debt for the irresponsible behavior of animal owners in their area? Plenty do.

There should be ways to recuperate costs, in fines perhaps, charged to animal neglecters and abandoners. I wish I could find those who abandoned Valentino and sue them for the cost of his care. That would be fair.

I do not know of one rescue that does not struggle with the cost of vet care. Outside of the breeders who often masquerade as rescuers, sometimes to get phony nonprofit status, the service of rescuers drastically helps communities.

We each do not live in isolation of the other. What you do and what I do affects others. When people do not fix their pets, their behavior ripples on, in offspring handed out, to cause massive suffering to cats and costs to others for decades.

Ok, trying to make it sound all noble and all, the need for help with rescued cat vet bills. All Mother Teresaeee. Want everyone crying and sending money now.

In reality, I'm no good at begging. I wish I could find a way to make the money needed. It's probably a nationwide need, but for sure a statewide need--money to use for cats and dogs in rescue who need vet care. We need a big fat fund to draw on. A really fat one. There are too many little people going into big debt to care for rescued cats. People like me. People like Poppa Inc.s pres. There are a lot of us trying so hard to make the world better, battered and broke as a result, while the assholes responsible don't fork over a fricking dime. Oh, now, get off your self righeous angry soapbox Jody right now.

That said, what to do about Valentinos' sore foot.

I guess I need a fundraising division of me. Money for vet bills.

Let's see. Money making ideas. Hmmmmm...... There will be the pot production and sale for cat rescue relief efforts. There will be the gambling division, which will run casinos and bookee joints and recruit sports players to throw games for cats. There will be the Prostitute Yourself for a Rescued Kitty division. There will be Cat Rescue Bank Robbers of America division, a selfless group who rob banks to give back to rescued cats. There will be the Mafia Cats, a group dedicated to exhortation (oh whoops, extortion I mean) to pay vet bills for rescued cats.

Ok, sure, that's all criminal endeavor. Criminals are too selfish I've always thought, robbing, theiving, stealing all for themselves. That is so flawed!

Extort criminals maybe for cash, for rescued cat vet bills.

What about this? Court and marry a vet? Or.....even sicker, kidnap a vet--force them to do procedures rescued cats need to live, like Xray Valentinos sore foot. I would not do that, ok. Just kidding around. Fantasizing. Make a good movie. Sure would. Pulp Fiction style.

Well, enough thinking for tonight. It's sicko that the only money making ideas I can come up with to help pay rescued cat vet bills are all criminal. Twisted!

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