Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Albany Males Fixed Today

Long hair black and white male, fixed today.
White male, fixed today.
The white male again.

Two more males from the same Walnut street location were fixed today. There is one more and I aim to get him. But at least these two big boys were fixed.

Last night, when trying to catch the third, I caught the brown tabby I caught before. I took him in a couple weeks back to be fixed. He doesn't know he's fixed yet and right after I let him out, the tabby on white long hair, the one I'm still after, got into it with him in the middle of the street. I didn't have my net along. IF ONLY!!!! They get so intent on fighting and facing off nose to nose, they ignore everything else. I could have netted him right there.

The neighborhood will be so much quieter when I'm done there. It already is. Takes about three weeks however for the hormones to fade from these big males after neuter and then finally they settle down.

I've gotten four females fixed now from that location, three of them pregnant, and now three males. Just across the street I got two males and two females fixed, too. Two blocks from there, I got another pregnant female fixed, a male fixed, and took two teen males to Heartland. So, in short order, just from a two block area, I've taken in 13 to be fixed and gotten two out of there permanently.

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