Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crack Me Up Portlandia

I love Portlandia. I've never seen full episodes because I don't get cable. I watch clips of it online.

The clips crack me up. Click the post title and watch some.

Guess I must be a true Oregonian because some of the scenes do not seem that strange. The mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, appears in at least one clip. The mayor is played by an actor in the series. Adams appeared as his assistant. To see the actor playing the mayor of Portland sitting atop an exercise ball at his desk didn't seem that out of line. Must be uncommon elsewhere.

In another clip, the promoters of a Portland baseball team are meeting with the mayor to discuss the team but quickly divert into naming a bat then enthusiastically creating an animated series concept with characters like the bat and a mitt.

The hotel scene clip with guests arriving for a music festival is hysterical. The new hire arriving at the advertising agency for her first day is hysterical. The tryout for the baseball team clip starts me giggling until I sneeze. The meet your local chicken dinner clip rolls me onto the floor. The house sitter arrives clip is unbelievable and I know people like that.

I LOVE Portlandia. It captures the essence of the insanity of our state. Portlandia cracks me up.

Yes, it is fun to laugh at ourselves here in Oregon over Portlandia. But, don't laugh too hard at us, because every state and region are quirky and strange in their own little ways and could easily be spoofed too.

Oh, and watch that Flier Wars clip. Omg.....

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