Saturday, March 05, 2011

Males Behaving Badly: Mike Huckabee/Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is insane. He's fried his brain on drugs and it shows.

I do not know what Mike Huckabee fried his brains on, perhaps his own ego.

Mike Huckabee has a truth problem. He knows President Obama didn't grow up in Africa or in a Muslim culture, but he keeps saying that on the radio. Mr. Lying Morality.

Click the post title to go to an article on Huckabee's comments on Obama and preggie Portman.

When confronted with his lies, he said he meant Indonesia and it's the same thing. So Hawaii is Indonesia, not America, Huckabee? He wants nothing more than to make sheeplike Americans repeat his lies and if he has to cut Hawaii off the American map to do it, no problem. But lying is not real a moral lapse, right Liar Huckabee?

Then, despite his moral lapses in lies about Obama, he decides to judge Oscar winner Portman, because she is pregnant and not married to her boyfriend. This judgement precludes his rant against young unwed welfare mothers. No mention of the male impregnators, or of them being a burden on society, which they are, just as much as the young girls they impregnate. It's always just the women catching flack.

The obvious cul de sac he's driven himself into, is the implication on abortion, which he is against. If the young unwed preggies can't get an abortion they will become a burden on society. What is the answer then, Mr. Huckabee, stoning them to death?

I'd actually like to see Yuckabee and Sarah Palin, with unwed Bristol at her side, fight it out over this. Sarah Palin is always well armed.

I also think Yuckabee's truth lapses about Obama and Muslim culture are Freudian slips. Because Mike Yuckabee, with his views on controlling women, is very well suited to become a religious leader in someplace like Iran, or, with the Taliban.

On the flip side of the coin, male Charlie Sheen runs about apparently also addicted to sex and bad behavior towards women. He is glamorized for this behavior. Mike Huckabee so far has not come forward to publicly berate Sheen's behavior, only Oscar winner preggie Portman, which leads me to believe Huckabee is very concerned about controlling women.

I'd say both are men behaving very badly, like a-holes.

Sheen isn't running for President. Huckabee probably will. So who is more dangerous to women?

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