Saturday, March 05, 2011

Nemo Leaves Tomorrow

Nemo is leaving tomorrow on a trial run with a great Salem family. I very much hope it works out, because they're great people. They'll have to work at it some, since he's shy at first to new people.

They know this and want to try and I'm sure up for that. I am crossing my fingers he adjusts.

My friend Keni, Poppa's president, took one of her rescues, who seemed depressed there, all the way to her mother, down in southern Cal. Only the kitty became ill and did not snap out of it, and her mother's vet thinks she has underlying cardiomyopathy. She may have already passed.

This is killing Keni, and her mother, and me to even think of the sorrow both are going through. It's not easy, rescuing cats. There are so many conditions they can get that you'll never see or know about, or be able to find out they have unless you're like a millionaire.

Bless you, all you little people out there trying to save the world. There are plenty who just look away or make money off various ills of society. Kind hearts coupled with action oriented bodies are hard to come by. Complainers, arm chair quarterbacks--they're everywhere.

Nemo gets a shot at a home tomorrow. Won't be easy on him. He's settled in. Nope, will be very hard on him for weeks, but if they persist, have patience, and he adjusts, he'll be better off.

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