Friday, March 04, 2011

19 Cats Fixed Today

Below are photos of the 19 cats fixed today. 15 are from Mt. Hope Drive in Lebanon and 4 are from Monroe. I know I am missing a photo of at least one of the Mt. Hope blacks, but I am exhausted so too bad!!One of the two tame short hair black teen females, with URI's, worms and low body mass from poor nutrition, spayed today.
These are the two females together, both spayed today, from the Mt. Hope Drive colony.
Tuffy, a little gray tux manx male, neutered today from Mt. Hope.
Gray and white manx female, spayed today from Mt. Hope.
Gray and white male with the severe ear infection, that the vet cleaned out, caused initially by earmites, neutered today.
Gray tab on white female, spayed today, from Mt. Hope colony.
Siamese male, neutered today, from Mt. Hope colony.
The Siamese male again.
Brown tabby tux female, spayed today, from Mt. Hope colony.
DSH brown tabby female, from Mt. Hope colony, spayed today.
Finn, the short hair black male with the severe heart murmur, fixed today. He did not get eartipped because the vet had him under gas anesthesia literally only for seconds, to be able to neuter him, but not kill him with the anesthesia, due to his heart murmur.
I think this big long hair black is the female.
Unknown sex black tux long hair fixed today.
A long hair black teen fixed today, from the Mt. Hope colony.
And another long hair black from the Mt. Hope colony fixed today.
Male Siamese kitten from Monroe fixed today.
The three Monroe female kittens fixed today.
This is what the same kittens looked like a few weeks ago, when too little to be fixed.

You read the post title right. 19 Cats!!!

It was a tight fit to get them all into my car. Four were kittens from Monroe born to a dumped off mom. She had five kittens and I tried to get her and all five fixed once before but four of the kittens were under weight for surgery. Today those four were fixed.

Who were the other 15? Well, they all came from that Mt. Hope Dr. Lebanon colony. By the time I got there yesterday afternoon, they already had four in carriers and a trap. As fast as I got traps out and ready, and the niece took them around to the back patio to set them, the cats went in, one after another.

They had not been fed yesterday, you see, and, the niece had set up a trap so it wouldn't spring and fed inside it for four days. These folks actually followed directions and participated. The niece couldn't believe nobody else does that.

Made it so easy.

After I left last night, they caught two more, with the last two traps I'd left them. This morning, when I picked up those two, I set another trap. I saw two cats come running when she called, like she was going to feed them. One went right into the trap. I had no more traps, but did have a small carrier. The old woman got ahold of the other cat by the scruff and we backed him into that carrier. Job done.

In total 11 females and 8 males were fixed today, from Monroe and Lebanon. The Lebanon colony mix included 7 males and 8 females. All adult females were in heat but none were pregnant.

Many have severe URI's and low bone mass feel to them and that's because they are chock full of worms. The woman has a bottle of wormer but never actually went ahead and wormed them. Now, I'm telling her to worm them, three times, two weeks apart, then again in six months. One male had a severe ear infection which began with earmites. He then scratched himself silly and the scratches became infected.

Another male, that last one we put in a carrier this morning had a severe heart murmur. The vet saved him til last, stood over him as he was put under gas anesthesia, ready to cut, and did a record fast neuter, then they quickly brought him out of the anesthesia. He survived, which is amazing.

So, good day, despite being a difficult day. I was tired out. I even gave two of the cats from Lebanon, with URI's, antibiotics and sub cu fluids last night, in addition to worming them, to give them a head start on recuperation.

Tomorrow they'll all go home. The Monroe kittens already went home.

Gas prices are out of this world. $3.60 per gallon now. Up 10 cents a gallon since two days ago. Can you believe that?

For that reason, I dared not come home. I knew the cats would not be ready until late and they weren't, not til 5:00 p.m. So, it was my home away from home where I spent my time, my vacation home--the rest area!

I'm sure the circling cleaning crew, always there, and lazy as sin (they drive to each piece of litter in the parking lot, then one gets out to pick it up and gets back into the truck--takes two people and a truck to pick up litter there), think I'm homeless and living there. I don't give a shit. They're public rest areas and I'm a member of the public.

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