Sunday, March 20, 2011

Going to Bed

I got my chores done. I went and fetched the ringworm ear orange girl from Heartland, whom I'd trapped in my yard a few weeks back. I sobbed like a baby in their euthanasia room, out of exhaustion. I don't like to cry in front of people, so, when I could not contain my tears, I tried to back into a corner for some privacy.

They were very sweet to me, gave me a bag of cat food, even microchipped the orange girl before I left with her.

I stopped and got a cheap phone. It will take 12 hours to charge so 12 more hours phone free at least. The other phone I ruined last night by kicking it, when frustrated, didn't really work well anyhow. Sometimes I could hear on it, then suddenly the volume would drastically decrease until I would hear nothing.

I had been resorting to Google Talk, instead, which is clear as a bell by comparison. The phone is a fixed place ancient thing I"ve had probably 15 years. I dug it out of an old box when the mobile phone I had died.

I like not having a working phone.

Lastly I stopped by to feed the apartment cats. As I got out, across the street, I saw a man in camo with a compound bow pulled back. From my distance, I couldn't see what if anything he might be shooting at or even if he had an arrow loaded up. I did not recognize him.

I was in no mood to witness violence. I stood out in the middle of the street and stared. He stared back and finally said "Can I help you?" That is not something a whacko killer would say. I then responded, "What are you shooting?"

He said he was just testing the bow, and, from a distance, indicated no arrow in the bow. I felt like an idiot.

His father came out then, made comments about the stray cats. I had only met his wife, when getting area strays fixed. She had told me the renters who lived at that house that they own and had rented out, were responsible for some of them. They had unfixed cats and left most behind when they moved.

Still defensive, I said something back. I asked if he was complaining about the strays. He said "yes", that they were going under his house and that he didn't want to close it up because he didn't want them to die under there. He indicated the apartment complex, the big problem, and said "Some people should just not get pets." He asked what group I was working with in this area.

I said I was with. I said "I'm by myself, trying to stop a problem too big for me, even in Albany, and I'm killing myself in trying to do it all alone." I also said the whole area is infested with people who don't fix their pets then leave them behind like trash.

He said "Good luck." I said "Thank you." They seem like a nice family.

I'm glad his son with the bow pulled back was not the latest mass killer out there. But.....had he been, would he have gotten any further than me?

Not today.

Sage is leaving next weekend. I'll miss her, but I'm happy she is getting a home.

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