Sunday, March 20, 2011

Headlight Failure Likely Easy Fix

There is good news. I believe the headlight problem is simply both bulbs are low beam fried.

I found out where both fuse boxes are on the car and pulled every fuse and checked them. I found some gross dust issues up under and into the steering column, peering into cracks and crevies with flashlight and mirror. It was interesting exploration.

Then the Walnut street cats man stopped by and offered to check the bulbs for me. He was able to shake one headlight bulb while the switch was turned on and get it to blink on for a moment and then, with a magnifying glass, determined likely it's burned out. They're really hard to see to tell one way or the other.

I had not considered the bulbs blowing because I felt it unlikely both would go at the same moment. I hope that is the problem. It's a cheap fix if it is.

I was not aware that apparently thousands of people thought this weekend a huge earthquake would strike the west coast of America. An earthquake expert who allegedly predicted the Christchurch quake is to blame for people stocking up on everything from water to cat food. I was in the dark.

The predictor's theories involve the Pacific Ring of Fire active volcanic zone and it being a very connected ring. When one point slips on a ring, the other weak points of the ring will also slip eventually.

He predicted it would happen this weekend I think in part because of the ultra full moon, causing heavy high and low tides, theorizing the relative weight of the water on the fault, relating to tides, high and low, would "float" the fault zone making it more likely to slip. He also supposedly detected more electro magnetic activity on the western coast of America recently and also cited the massive fish kill off SoCal as evidence of natural disturbances occurring in the sea, that we can't see but that affect sea life.

I'm glad there has been no big quake. I heard about it only when chatting last night with a cat person in Portland, who got e-mails from others about it, and had gone out and bought tons of extra water and cat food.

I was in the dark over the alleged danger and I like that I was. I don't have the money to overstock anything, so being in the dark was bliss.

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