Monday, March 21, 2011

Animal Lover/No Kill King Unleashes On PETA President--The Butcher of Norfork

Nathan Winograd is again, AGAIN, voicing his opinion on the President of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), calling her the butcher of Norfork. Click the post title to go to his blog entry.

I agree with him.

I battled it out with her on the same subject, by e-mail, expressing my disgust with Peta hypocrisy and laziness, and for their enthusiasm for killing excess shelter animals without any call or action for change. They also run at least one shelter and actively kill most of the animals that enter. Peta employees have been known to take animals from vet clinics, and tell the clinic they will find them homes, only to kill them and dump their bodies in a dumpster.

I think they are attention whores and I think they're lazy, and refuse to dig in and do the hard work which is required to stop the killing of animals in shelters.

Isn't it fun to protest though? Isn't it fun to ride naked through the streets in protest of wearing fur? The cameras roll and people stare. Perfect for attention seeker personalities. Meanwhile animals languish and die in shelters, often at the hands of PETA.

Winograd goes farther, calling them butchers who actively seek out dogs and cats to kill. He calls Peta's president "disturbed".

I agree.

Peta has provided publicity on many issues that needed light. Now Peta needs light shined on them and their very dark side.

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