Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Lonely Cat Fixed Today

I thought I'd have at least three to take up. Maybe more. That Walnut St. guy was supposed to be trapping for the males. Lost cause I think. He's had my traps a long time. If he hasn't caught them by now, he won't. I left him a message I want to come pick up my traps.

The female who went up is from a house on Vine St. where I've gotten cats fixed before. She asked me to rehome the two long hair boy kittens. They are at Heartland, who immediately agreed to take them. They're on no kill hold. But, if they have to return, for any reason, like if they pop out with ringworm, they'll go back to where they were born on Vine street.

They're really sweet little boys.

So their mom was fixed and she won't pop out more. Their sister lives two houses down from where she was born. I gave that woman my card and urged her to get the cat fixed or let me do it.

Well, better one than none. That's what I say.

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