Monday, February 28, 2011

R.I.P. Simba

Simba is gone. His heart gave out. The frothy salivating I could not figure out, the vet said, was likely pulmonary edema. His body temp had plummeted and even though isolated and on a heating pad and surrounded in hot water bottles, I could not bring it up. I'd been giving him warm fluids for days, but his heart wasn't working right. With the URI he got, and him being half feral, hiding from me, he went beyond the point of return, getting too dehydrated.

Been a very tough day. It's tough here. Have now trapped 25 cats in my yard alone. That's Albany for you. The assistant at the clinic said she drove down I5 and saw four dead cats along the freeway in the Albany area and now understands how many there must be and why I keep bringing in scores of cats from around here. She never sees dead cats along the freeway anywhere else.

My birthday is tomorrow. Today, all I want to do is sob. Just feel completely alone here, trying to stop all this, inundated, and I want to run away.

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