Monday, February 28, 2011

7 Cats Fixed Today

Gray tabby male Mr. Hiss, from my yard fixed today.
Orange Albany female, fixed today.
Young Lebanon girl, Fufi, dumped off at an old couple's home, spayed today. They gave me some eggs!
Viper, handsome Albany male fixed today, who likes to hide.
Lacy, Albany female spayed today.
Keta, another Albany female fixed today.
Baby Girl, Albany young female fixed today. She's from Keta's last litter. He couldn't find her a home.

Seven more cats were fixed today, thanks to Poppa Inc. and me!

Six of these were Albany cats. One hailed from Lebanon.

There were five girls and two boys in the mix.

Two of these cats were my latest yard strays and one of the two has been accepted into Heartland, thank you universe, since when I put out food, I'm already feeding half the neighbor cats, most from a street over that I took in to be fixed over a year ago, but they like my yard and my neighbors yard better than their own.

If I don't fix the boys coming through Sam goes nuts on me and starts peemarking. 25 cats I've fixed who have come through my yard alone, the vast majority males, since moving here four years ago. That's how bad the cat problem is here. I have rehomed about 13 of those cats.

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