Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Jesus Rebel

John Crossan is a Jesus rebel. He thinks the truth about Jesus and his life should be told and he's been researching it and telling it for a very long time. This has earned him insults, threats and more.

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He also is blunt about comparing the US today with Jesus' time Rome, with it's military might intent on crushing the world (or spreading Democracy). That comparison has earned him no friends either.

I've said it also for ages. You wouldn't see Jesus driving up to a Starbucks in a big honking SUV, getting out draped in designer clothes and guns.

It's the underclasses Jesus did hang out with then and would hang with today, not the super rich, not the mega churches screaming politics and rage. He'd be at the homeless camp, or hanging with me and the stray cats. That's just the way it is and how he was, whomever he was.

He led nonviolent protests against the oppressing rulers of that time--Rome. He pressed for fair distribution of land and food, which would today get him called a socialist.

Truth is a hard pill to swallow.

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