Monday, January 31, 2011

No One Wants the Millersburg Mom and Her Kittens

I get a call about those Millersburg cats again. It's a mom and three older kittens.

The fricking last owner up and left them and now its under new management and they don't want them. It was some different woman calling, a delivery woman, who has been trying to find someone to take them. She says she can't because she has five cats.

I tell her I have 40 cats, live on nothing and nobody donates even a bag of cat food in this county. I said I could get them fixed and I wish I could take them, but I can't because I have way too many now. I told her I have an ad running now advertising cats need homes but have not received a single call.

She wasn't very happy I wouldn't take them. I don't blame her. It's frustrating. I know that more than anyone. She said someone gave her my number and said "Oh, she'll take them."

It might have been Safehaven. Not sure but she had called them and they refused to take them, she said.

That poor mother cat and her kittens. If I offer to trap them and get them fixed, as I did with the last owner of that business, they'll probably say "only if you don't bring them back." Rocks and hard places.

I feel for that poor cat and her kittens.

I have nowhere they could go.

UPDATE: I'm going to get them. Stupid me, eh? Well, turns out I get one call on my ad, and they want barn cats. I'm real skeptical due to the overpopulation of predators but call back. They're cool people, big time animal lovers with a great setup and very ancient cats still living there, and Great Pyrenes who love cats but patrol the property night and day, chasing anything else off. So I described to them the Millersburg mom and kittens and asked if they might take them. He turns and talks to his wife about it, then says "Yes. Call us when you have them." I'm going to go get them and end this pergatory they've lived in.

That was like fate stepping in, like perfect timing.

My other fateful injury this week, Saturday actually, was a spider bite. I have never had a spider bite cause me problems until Saturday. The problem was instant, with the area swelling and becoming painful. I wondered if it was a brown recluse.

I was out chatting with my neighbor who was pulling off dead old flower stalks and I absentmindedly picked them all up while talking to carry to the yard debris. It was then I was bitten. A spider had crawled out of the pile of dead stalks. I shook the spider off my hand.

The bite is just below the knuckle of my left little finger. It became inflamed almost immediately and the inflammation crept into the joint and muscle almost immediately.

I thought, "what kind of a spider can do that?" I soaked my afflicted finger in warm water and epson's salt. It's still sore, inflamed and swollen but not as bad as it has been.

Two different people have showed me appendages after a brown recluse bite and it was uglier than sin. The venom ate their tissue. The sight has stayed with me. Brown recluses however are shy spiders who stay in the dark usually, I think. So I don't think this could have been a brown recluse that bit me.

My luck has to change, right?

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