Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Word on the Street: Someone Passing Out Free Kittens AND My Number

I received word that someone was giving out free kittens at the Dollar Store, maybe in Lebanon, with a bag of food, and a card with my name and number, that stated I would get them fixed for them for free.

I want to know who this is. That's insanity.

Giving me, my time, my gas money, Poppa Inc's money, away with their kittens, that were, I was told, plenty big enough to be fixed prior to these people handing them out. I will get to the bottom of this.

This is someone who was irresponsible with their cat and now, without my permission, is exploiting me and Poppa Inc., for their own benefit/convenience.

And it's not free. Free is for people who refuse to recognize the worth of what they are getting and won't even donate a minimal copay, like $10. Nothing is free. Someone pays for it somewhere.

This is directed at the person handing out those kittens with my number attached: FIX YOUR DAMN FEMALE NOW!!!

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