Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Utah Legislator Introduces Bill That Says Yes to Clubbing Decapitating, Abusing Feral Cats

Click the post title to read the article, although it will make you sick. Mormons, where are you? Kindness, compassion, come on! Stand up against this. I know a lot of cat loving Mormons.

Best Friends Sanctuary is in Utah.

Condoning such animal abuse is horrible and sends further messages to our already violent society that violence is cool and legal and that we fix human irresponsibility by killing the victims. This is wrong and society will plunge further into decay.

This mess can be directly laid upon the assholes of Utah who don't fix their cats.

This should also sound a stern warning to everyone in Oregon who does not fix their pets or the strays they feed.

I'm so glad I don't live in Utah. My gosh, what a horrible state.

Born in a boat Brutus, and Zuli and Rainy, all could have been legally clubbed to death or decapitated under the Utah law. Those are some wimpy people in Utah that feel so threatened by the likes of Brutus's, Zuli's and Rainy's out there. Pathetic.

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