Friday, January 28, 2011

Three Cats Fixed Yesterday

I thought I was taking up seven cats to be fixed. Six of them are from Monroe, a mom and her kittens whom the woman thought were quite big enough to be fixed.

I got it into my head they were teens. I picked up the Albany male going, then the six, at a meeting spot on I5. Alas, the kittens were tiny and I didn't think any would make the two pound weight for spay or neuter, except the one biggest boy.

I took all five up anyhow. The other four were anywhere from four to eight oz. shy of two pounds. The couple have homes lined up for all of them, with relatives, but the other four will have to wait to be fixed.

I delivered some Lym Sulphur dip to Keni, since the two kittens from the nursing home have ringworm. I think they should just go back to join their peers, at this point. She found it immediately after I transported them up originally. I had not checked them for it. The first one caught was caged in the garage with two other adults from the same place until the day before they went up to Keni's.

They are at least four months of age and will be almost impossible to fully tame.

With only three cats to fix, two of them males, the clinic had them done by 1:00 and I came home with them then delivered them to the two respective caregivers.

Furnace man is coming to replace the thermostat today. I better get dressed before he gets here. Miss Daisy wanted to play half the night, and when she wants to play, she races around screaming at the top of her lungs, being deaf. It wasn't fun. I couldn't find my earplugs.

I'm burned out again, not only because people I try to help fix their situation with cats, when they request the help, just don't participate or even call back if I call them. I am burned out on finding homes. I can't seperate the spammers and scammers replying to ads, from real responses. The scammers have become very flexible, replying using words from the ad itself and often sound like real responses. Then I waste my time responding and then, with the second response, realize their fricking scammers.

Then, there has been one case, with someone I know and another with someone who contacted me, where somehow they fake out an ad if you respond, grabbing parts of your material, adding it to theirs, but with their e-mail to I guess increase their local validity.

It's so bad in the cyber world with theives and slimy crooks and bullies, it makes the simple pure act of finding homes for rescued cats a nightmare world of thugs and creeps and liars to navigate through to find the one true blue real interest.

The world has gone to hell, I say.

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