Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bad Bad Bad Thermostat Cause of Power Draw

Repairman came and left. He has to order the replacement thermostat. Mine is old and shot and must retire. It is a bad bad bad thermostat. Shame on it! It was causing the coils in the furnace to kick in all the time, clicking on, instead of the heat pump. This takes lots of power and is likely responsible for global warming in my immediate area. Bad thermostat.

It's a whacked out thermostat, old as the hills. It's time had come and now is gone.

One day, I will behave in exactly the same manner.

I'll get replaced and thrown away just like my thermostat will be.

My power bill will go down.

Starting Friday, when the screwed up in the workings bad bad thermostat gets replaced.

Yay for working thermostats. I'll take warm showers again!

The coast cop shooter has not yet been found. It is a huge area they are searching and he may well have slipped out of it. His friends and family say his behavior turned odd about two weeks ago,when he had surgery and went on pain meds and broke with a long time girlfriend. Before that, they say, he wouldn't harm a fly. However, he had an obsession with guns and owned many. He always dressed in camo and was known as "Camo Dave" but sounds like a quiet nice guy prior to possible addiction to pain meds combined with the breakup, which maybe made him take more pain meds. If pain meds get combined with uppers like energy drinks, that's trouble.

I wonder if he will fall asleep somewhere down there in the woods or in an empty vacation house and wake up thinking, "What have I done, what have I become?" If he realizes what he did, and is the guy his friends say he is, he'll kill himself.

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