Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oregon Get Floods

Click the post title, out of state readers, to go to an article with amazing videos of floods that converted a road to the new river channel up near Mt. Hood, where temperatures warmed to spring levels suddenly, along with torrential rain, melting snow.

Houses were taken out, properties destroyed and residents stranded. There is flooding, as always, along the coast near Tillamook, near Newport I heard, too, and Waldport had winds blow sand around houses until the sand smothered houses can barely be seen.

The rain here, where I live, in the relatively mild mid valley, has finally stopped. On the drive to the clinic yesterday, I glanced over at the Santiam rest area, to see the river near the edge of the parking lot once again. Reminded me of just after Christmas a couple years ago, when I lived in the rest area for a week, after a lost Siamese. In the end, I trapped three other cats, including Feather who is still here. Then the rest area flooded. Feather, then a tiny starved kitten not much bigger than a large rat, would have lost her life.

Click the post title. Check out the flooding on Lolo Pass Road and up in Zigzag.

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