Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Cat Situations Arise

More cat situations that need fixing have come up. A woman in Crabtree has 15 or so needing fixed. Someone in Millersburg has four, and wants me to take them of course, which I won't. Someone in Lebanon has six. Anyhow....

I get discouraged. Means flea treatment and gas for me to pay for. People think everything's free or something.

I went over and bought some Advantage at Heartland. It's cheaper there, and I can buy it by the tube, instead of laying out for six tubes at once. I bought four tubes for about $33. That will do all the cats here once. Or it will do 40 cats I take in to be fixed for other people.

I usually take in about 15 to 18 cats per week to be fixed, if I can also scrounge gas money and if Poppa Inc. has the money to cover fixes, so that amount of Advantage lasts me a little over two weeks just for other people's cats.

There were almost no cats there at Heartland when I was there. I asked one worker, "What happened to all the cats?" She said a Portland area shelter, Cat Adoption, she thought, had said they had no cats and so they took them up a whole bunch and that Safehaven had also.

I sure wish I could get in on such things. The little people never catch a break, I swear.

The old insecurities, of feeling like a ghost, exploited, set in, after I left. I wish I could catch a break like that.

Someone from Corvallis did donate a bag of cat food today. I appreciate that greatly. I go through seven or so bags a month here, for these cats, then deliver three bags a month to the homeless campers for those cats they feed. That's a lot of cat food to buy on top of everything else.

I get usually about five or six bags donated a year, on average.

Having all these cats here, and trying to survive on my tiny budget is not sustainable. The cost of everything has skyrocketed, including power, gas and water/sewer rates here in the town where I live. My expenses skyrocket, my income is the same. There's nothing left to cut out.

If my car breaks down, I'll be in a world of hurt, unable to get cat litter or food for the cats or even food for myself. I know I am walking on very thin ice. I always just hope things will work out.

I need to get a dozen cats out at least. Two dozen would be even nicer. But how?

I have no advertising budget. Petfinder is not really much help, because if people look online, they search for a certain breed and otherwise, visit a shelter or other venue to see all the cats. Petfinder is helpful only if people call and ask what cats I have, then I refer them to see one particular cat, on my petfinder site.

I need an adoption venue.

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