Monday, January 17, 2011

Six Cats Fixed Today

Rainy, spayed today.
Tame owned black Albany male, fixed yesterday.
Tame owned black tux male fixed yesterday.
Abandoned chocolate point Siamese female, fixed yesterday. It's her brother I still need to catch to be fixed over there.
Abnadoned tame brown tabby male, fixed yesterday.

Six cats went up to be fixed today, including Rainy, who is indeed a girl. How embarrassing. I told the clinic never to believe my cat sexing again, not until they see me with my reading glasses around my neck, to indicate I haven't lost them again, or stepped on them.

I purchased three more pair at the Dollar Tree two days ago, so for now, I'm good.

The other five were all from a nearby Albany complex, rife with drama and abandoned cats, many of whom are Siamese. One of the supposed Siamese strays turned out to be already fixed, the other was not fixed, and, in fact, in heat. Poppa's president is actually holding the one who is fixed on "stray hold" up there, since Linn County has no place where that can be done. That's on the outside chance she is lost.

Kind of pathetic in a way, that a tame stray must be held in case she's lost and maybe someone would look for her, clear up in Beaverton. Really pathetic. Thank god for Keni being willing. I didn't want to return her if she has no home. No reason for a tame cat to live right on an extremely busy street and be fed as a stray. Happens too much here.

Someone turned over a stray found in Vancouver to Keni, who today, had her scanned. Low and behold she's chipped, so the chip company will attempt to contact the owner and give her or him Keni's number. It doesn't mean she wasn't abandoned. I've found chipped cats before and in every case, the chip information is long outdated and the owner cannot be found.

One can hope.

I had both the Siamese and a tame brown tabby male scanned, from the Albany complex. No chips on either. I had hoped there might be, but I knew there was really no chance they would have chips.

So two tame owned males were fixed from the complex, then the two stray Siamese females, although one turned out already spayed, then the abandoned tame brown tabby male, and the sixth cat was Rainy, from Lebanon. There is also a male Siamese I didn't catch, abandoned with the other Siamese. Or so I'm told. He needs fixed.

I already listed her as Found with Heartland. But there are two other abandoned Siamese at the complex along with other abandoned tame cats, who end up sad, and living under the building. It hurts my heart to even go over there.

I want the one they call Turtle out of there. I got her fixed over there in 2008, when she was abandoned with her three kittens. She looked like this then:She's on the right, barely bigger than her kittens, whom I rehomed. She still lives under the building and has lost an eye to something and is one sad little cat. I can't stand to see her like that. I just can't stand it anymore.

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